The Best Top 10 Products Every Student Must Have

Student life is one of the early stages of any human being, but being a student isn’t easy as others claim to be. Why? It’s simple with growth in the age one gains experience and with that experience he/she excels in their works. For adults being in student life is easy as compared to their experience but for a student’s perspective, it is just like doing a job with gaining no salary instead we students gain knowledge about how the society works around us and how to mix up in it and this perspective is making students less and less unique in their abilities as well as resources. So I have brought here for your students some unique product/equipment which will make you feel unique somewhat as compared to your peers.

1. Moleskine Evernote Ruled Smart Notebook

This Evernote Smartbook by Moleskine is a must-have product for all students who wish to go digital as well as want to stay traditional. The gadget is very easy to use and once you get used to it you will fall in love with it. All you have to do is to download the app that this product supports and pair it with Bluetooth, once the pairing is done then you can write whatever you wish on the smartbook and see the results on your connected device with the app. Once the content is uploaded on the app and that app is connected to your Google or Facebook account it will be saved there forever.

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2.External HardDrive

Who isn’t familiar with the term External Harddrive? This product is also a must-have for the students who usually are into computer science or those who are used to doing things that require high storage or simply for those students who love playing video games on a computer/laptop. Having an external hard-drive can help in storing the most vital information for backup if by any chance the computer/laptop is formatted/reset. There is plenty number of external hard drives present in the market each varying in storage capacity and price(based on the brand). the starting storage capacity for an external HDD is 100GB and the maximum till now is 16TB HDD.

Image result for 100 gb external hdd-100 GB External HDD

Image result for 16 tb external hdd-16 TB External HDD

3.OtterBox Phone Charging Case (iPhone Exclusive) –

For those who are owning iPhones congratulations for being a premium member of the society and for you fellas, The Otterbox has launched the Phone charging case. Technically speaking it is a case in which after you have placed your phone will charge your device very quickly as compared to the adapter counterpart which generally charges your device slowly. This product comes with an inbuilt adapter that helps in charging the device. The case also protects the phone from all sides so that if the phone does fall it protects it from getting damaged provided the damage doesn’t occur to the screen because that is the only area the case doesn’t cover.


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4.Bluetooth Coffee Maker-


Many students especially the hardworking ones prefer to stay awake late at night for studying in peace without getting any sort of hindrance from anyone. For those students, we have a BlueTooth coffee maker to help the students stay awake late at night and work in peace. The appliance is easily portable so one doesn’t feel the heaviness while taking it from one place to another. Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker is the leading company in making this type of product.

5.HP Sprocket-


Many Students love going to outdoor and have fun. They click pictures of themselves or their surroundings via their smartphone. This product helps in getting the picture printed on the go and it is portable as it can easily fit into one’s palm. The paper sheet that should be installed in one go is 10 2×3″ paper. This paper can be bought from the HP company directly or via Amazon. The sheet is sticky back paper so that once the print of a photo is taken out then it can be stuck to any surface to the user liking.

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6.OTG Pendrive-


On The Go Pendrive is also a good product for students who don’t want to spend their money on external HDD. This type of pen-drive is compatible with both Android as well as PC because at one end it has the normal pen-drive dock whereas, on the  other hand, it has the android port of micro USB with this, anyone can quickly store the files/images/videos to pen-drive and from that, it can be transferred to a pc.

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Desklamp is an essential product for the students who wish to study at night and to prevent excessive usage of wattage from the tube light or bulbs since Desklamp consumes less wattage and gives appropriate so it is ideal for the students as by using this they won’t be disturbing anyone while studying. Desklamp is a good choice for all those who wish to read and write at midnight.

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Ah! one of my favorites is the smartwatches. They can be considered as a small mobile that is located on your wrist. The specialty of having a smartwatch is that it can do whatever a smartphone can do but at a restricted performance. One can easily call, read messages, listen to songs etc while wearing the smartphone. The latest smartwatches also include heart-monitor which checks the state of your heart, fitness tracker to measure how fit are you.

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Security is a major concern for the students living in hostels because they are prone to get their valuables/materials stolen if the locks aren’t well made. For this very reason, smart-locks were made so that the intruders will have a tough time breaking the lock and if the burglar isn’t well acquainted with the technology then no matter what he does he cannot break the lock. These smart-locks are very common in banks where there is a large amount of money is stored.

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10.Portable Charger-


Portable Charger is also a must-have for students and adults alike. If you are traveling often as it can easily help in restoring the battery that you have lost during your travels. Different portable chargers come with different backup so choose what you prefer.

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These are some of the best ten products for students

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