Google Pixel 4- A New 5G Supported Smartphone By Google

Smartphones made by Google (Pixel Series) run on ChromeOS or AndroidOS. Google has many smartphones in its belt under the Pixel Series starting from Google Pixel that was launched in the year 2016 on 4 October then on October 4, 2017, Google launched another smartphone(Pixel 2).  As of recent news, Google is going to organise an event where it will announce the launch date of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 Xl on 15 October 2019.

Some of the known features of Pixel4 –


The Pixel 4 will be the first phone to include Project Soli’s motion-sensing radar and will also allow face unlock in “almost any orientation” to proactively turn on and unlock the phone. The rear cameras are located in a square bump, which will be a first for the Google Pixel range, and it is expected to feature 8X lossless zoom and an improved Night Sight mode that should allow for photography of the night sky


The Pixel 4 will come with the latest Android 10 OS

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