Google Nest Wifi A Wifi Router That Is Smart

Google is a company that always amazes us with its every new creation be it a Pixel series in the smartphones, ChromeBook series in the laptop. This time Google has stepped up a little further with their innovation and have introduced us a first Smart Wifi Router.

Many will wonder “Huh what’s a Smart Router and how’s it different from other Wifi routers?” Trust me when I heard it for the first time, even I said those same lines myself. So the answer to this question is given below.

This Google Nest Wifi router is an upgraded version of Google Wifi Router that has Nest access points that will help in covering your house with the extensions that are available with it. One more cool thing of this wifi router is that it comes with a speaker and a microphone and also a LED light which flashes when the speaker mode of this router is active.

One can control their house if they have smart devices installed just by instructing this router for example-> You can set a limit to internet access that your child should use in a day, or you can ask about the weather from it.

You will have to purchase the extension separately if you wish to extend the range of your router. The product is rumoured to be launched in November.

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