Buying Guide For The Best Air Conditioners In India In 2019

The demand for AC units is increasing every passing month, there are more brands of air conditioners in the market nowadays. This buying guide aims to make things easy for you.

Working of the air conditioner

There are two possible explanations for how the air conditioner works. One is the scientific explanation whereas the other one is a simpler one that could be understood by all.

Let us begin with the simpler one.

Heat and cold are interdependent because if heat is absent then it is cold and vice-versa. The AC also works on a similar principle as it removes the heat from inside the room thereby giving you the experience the cooler air in the room.

Let us now come to the scientific explanation of how Ac units work.

The air conditioner works on the three principles that are evaporation, condensation, and compression. We shall now look into the process in brief to get a fair idea about how AC works.

  1. Every AC unit has a refrigerant gas. The first step in the working of the AC is the compression of this refrigerant gas (A gas that helps in cooling). When you compress that gas, it turns into a high-pressure hot liquid.
  2. This hot liquid then flows via condenser coils from where the heat escapes while cooling the liquid. But, the liquid is still under high pressure.
  3. The expansion valve starts to function by converting the high-pressure liquid into a low-pressure one.
  4. This low-pressure liquid flows through the evaporator coils of the AC. In doing so, it absorbs the heat from the room. This heat converts the liquid into gas once again. As the process of absorption of heat goes on, you experience cooling of the room.

Factors to be kept in mind while purchasing an AC-:

  1. City where you live: The climate of the city where you live is an important factor because you need air conditioners of higher capacities if the outdoor temperature increases. For example, the summers in Lucknow one can see temperatures touching 40+ degrees Centigrade whereas it would hover around the 35+ degree mark in a city like Chennai or Mumbai at the same time.
  2. The area and the volume of the room-: The area where you install the AC is very important as it determines how effective it’s gonna be when you install the AC in your house.
  3. The location of the room-: It is also vital because a lot depends on the rooms we install an AC as if the room gets hotter by receiving direct sunlight from the top or sidewalls during the day.
  4. 4.The daily usage of the AC unit-:  It is essential to know the duration of the usage in terms of months during the year as the AC consumes a lot of electricity depending on the quality of energy-saving.

Modes of operation of the AC units

There are different modes in which you can use the AC. The consumption of electricity depends on the mode of operation of the AC.

  1. Cool Mode
  2. Fan Mode
  3. Dry Mode
  4. Energy Power saver mode
  5. Quick cool mode
  6. Sleep mode
  7. 6th Sense cooling.

 It all depends on where the compressor and blower of air conditioners are located and can be later divided into 3 types.

  1. Split AC
  2. Window AC
  3. Portable AC

Split AC

Split AC– As per the name suggests, this type of AC consists of two units. One unit mounted or kept outside of the home (on the wall) and the other is mounted inside the home, room. The outside unit consists is a compressor and condenser and inside unit consists blower. A compressor connected to the blower by a connecting pipe which passes through the wall. The compressor sucks air from outside and made it cool, then passes to the blower. Blower throws out the cold air into the room.

Split AC is more appreciated as compared to other AC models as the split AC are perfectly capable to cool the bedroom and even large areas like halls and commercial places.

Where to install split AC

Split AC can be installed anywhere in the home as it offers more installation feasibility compare to other models but the only the thing you need to consider is the room in which you want to place Split AC must have an outside exposing the wall.

Advantages of split AC

  1. Split AC is the perfect choice for the bedroom because split Ac makes very less noise as the compressor, a condenser is located outside which creates lots of noise.
  2. It can be easily installed in anywhere in any room. No need to worry about the window, frame exists in a room.

Disadvantages of split AC

  1. Split AC usually expensive compared to other AC types such as window AC.
  2. Shifting, reallocating Split AC is a much harder and expensive one.

Window AC

It consists of only one unit having a combination of compressor and blower inside it. Window AC can be installed only in the window frame. The blower side of AC facing inside the room, whereas the other side(Compressor and condenser) is facing outside in open air.

Advantages of Window AC

It is easy to install. The Shifting and reallocating window AC are much easier and fit in the budget. No need to refill the gas in the compressor while shifting with Window Ac, whereas it is needed with Split AC.

The economical, Price range starts from 25,000 rupees in India.

Disadvantages of Window AC

Makes loud noise while running

Portable AC (Very new in India)

Portable AC is portable just like an air cooler. Portable AC can move from one room to another instantly unlike window or split. Portable AC is best suitable for the homes where there is no feasibility to mount split/window AC or peoples who are living in a rented house and frequently reallocating place to place. Even you can move a portable AC room to room in your home as you want.

Where to install portable AC

Anywhere at home just like an air cooler, it just needs to be arranged where there is a vent for air hose through the window. A plastic hose is provided with AC, you need to attach a hose to AC and put the other end outside the window using a window kit provided with AC.


Advantages of Portable AC

Shifting and reallocation are easy. Just pack in cardboard boxes and move out, is that simple. No need for any technician.

No need to stick in one room. Within 10 minutes you can shift AC in another room.

Disadvantages of Portable AC

It is expensive as there aren’t many Portable AC present in the market.

Features present in AC depending upon the Cost- Higher the cost better the features

Anti-bacteria filter

It is an inbuilt filter that helps in removing invisible substances like dust mites, bacteria, pollen and other allergens. Overall, makes a refreshing room environment. These filters avoid dust mite deposits on the internal part of AC and help increase the lifetime of AC.

Dust filter

These mesh filters prevent dust mites to evaporate at home. Whatever dust particles stick to these filters. For better performance, the user has to clean these filters with plain water once in a month, depending on usage.

Room heater

Built-in room heater gives the cosy feeling in winter by just a button click. No need to purchase, maintain a room heater in winter. By just a button press, AC converts from the cooling mode to heating mode.


As the name suggests Dehumidifier allows to remove excess moisture from the room. Such as during in spring and fall season room gets filled with a high level of moisture that causes stickiness, sweating, makes bacteria growing environment. The dehumidifier removes excess moisture and gives cosy, comfortable feeling.

Auto clean function

It avoids the mould and bacteria formation on the internal part that might affect AC’s cooling functionality and thereby increasing the life of the AC.

Some necessary tips concerning your air conditioner

  1. Choose the correct size of AC for your room. A larger AC might cool down the room quickly but it will increase the amount of electricity bill.
  2. Doing a little research on the prices is always beneficial
  3. If you would like to purchase a window AC, then make sure that your room has a corresponding size window at a convenient position to put the AC on.
  4. If you prefer to purchase a split air AC, you should keep the number of windows of your room in serious consideration. Too much air ventilation may disturb the cooling rate.


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