Best Double Door Refrigerators In India In April 2020

A double door refrigerator is a vital piece of any Indian kitchen as it keeps organic products, vegetables and other nourishment fixings new for in any event one or fourteen days. 

Being a long haul venture, we suggest thinking about 3 key focuses – Type, Capacity, and force utilization while buying a double door refrigerator. Come let’s read a bit about it: 

1. Type and Capacity 

Single entryway, double door, next to each other entryway and triple entryway are a portion of the various sorts of double door refrigerators. Limit speaks to how much extra room is available in the ice chest. The following are general rules which assist you with picking the best double door refrigerator as indicated by your requirements. 

2. Force Consumption 

Generally, single door refrigerators expend 30% less force than different sorts. Force utilization likewise shifts dependent on the vitality effectiveness of the double door refrigerator. It is typically spoken to as BEE star rating. Higher the rating, lesser the force utilization. 

Note: Few double door refrigerators accompany in-fabricated stabilizers. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you live in an area where force cuts and high voltage issues normally, it is smarter to introduce voltage stabilizer to secure your double door refrigerator. 

In light of those variables, we have additionally given a rundown of Best double door Refrigerators in India. In the event that you haven’t got a lot to spend on examination, you can pick anyone from this rundown.

1. LG 260Litre Double Door Refrigerator

best double door refrigerator


Just a couple of brands in the entire world can coordinate the nature of L.G double door refrigerators. It comes first on the rundown since this is the best Inverter Technology double door refrigerator in India. It is the vitality effective, cost-productive and looks jazzy with a reflexive steel finish. This model has 4.5 appraisals from more than 800 clients 

Refrigerator Capacity: 260 liters of enormous limit. It can do the trick a family with 5-6 individuals.

Freezer Type: It’s a sans frost double door refrigerator. 

Yearly Power Consumption: Low. 

It expends just 194 units for every year: This is astonishing contrasted with its huge limit. 

BEE Ratings: 4 stars. 

Number of Doors: It is a double door refrigerator; implies a door for refrigerator box and ice chest. 

This model is one of the most vitality proficient double door refrigerators available with 4-star BEE evaluations. 

Number of racks the refrigerator has:

  • 3 shelves
  • A major Vegetable box 
  • 1 major jug rack to store huge 2L bottles 
  • 1 customary size rack to store bottles, cheddar, sauce, jam, and so on 
  • 1 egg plate 

Number of shelves freezer has 

  • An ice-plate box 
  • 1 rack to keep solidified meat, fish, frozen yogurt, and so on 
  • 2 side racks to store frozen yogurt, yogurt, sweets, and so forth 


Every one of its tasks are stabilizer free. It can deal with voltage variances from 100-290 volts. 

Brilliant Features 

  • Inverter Compressor engine:- Smart Compressor with Inverter Technology. Inverter blower engine changes the temperature as per the heap and outside temperature. It can set aside to 48% of vitality utilization. 
  • Auto brilliant Connect:- consistent activity even on power cuts. You simply need to interface your double door refrigerator to your home inverter. It will run on power equivalent to 2 CFL bulbs. 
  • Ice-shaft Cooling:- keeps up even temperature all through the double door refrigerator. This guarantees each corner is cool and keeps nourishment crisp for more. 
  • Damp Balance Crisper:- keeps up ideal dampness level inside the vegetable box. It keeps organic products, vegetable new for quite a long time. 
  • Multi-wind stream Cooling:- numerous air-vents courses cool air every which way. 
  • Stickiness Controller:- brings down the dampness levels inside the double door refrigerator and guarantees quicker cooling. 
  • L.G brilliant Diagnosis:- encourages you to determine and take care of any issue to have your double door refrigerator. 

Guarantee and Services 

You get 1 year of exhaustive guarantee on the item. 10 years on the Inverter Compressor engine. L.G gives the best after-deals administration to their clients. 


  • Inverter Technology saves money on your month to month power bills 
  • Most vitality proficient 4 BEE star rating 
  • Best for a normal Indian family-4 to 5 individuals 
  • Staggering steel body 
  • Auto Smart Connect and Ice Beam Cooling 
  • Stabilizer Free Operation 


  • Racks are not removable or movable in tallness. It implies it tends to be hard to fit huge dishes or utensils. 
  • Little Egg plate can hold just 6 eggs.

2. Samsung 253Litre Double Door Refrigerator

best double door refrigerator


L.G and Samsung are each other’s rivals. They regularly make it hard to pick the best among them. Both are acceptable vitality savers and financially savvy models. Both have practically the same highlights and an Inverter Compressor engine. While Samsung looks richer with the break entryway handle. The explanation it comes second on the rundown is a direct result of its littler limit. 

Refrigerator Capacity-: 253 liters of limit. It is best for a family with 4-5 individuals. 

Freezer type: It is a sans frost fridge 

Yearly Power Consumption: Low. It devours just 195 units for every year 

BEE Ratings: 4 stars. It spares both power and running expense. 

No of Doors: Double entryway cooler with a different cooler 

No of racks in cooler 

  • 4 simple slide racks 
  • A vegetable box 
  • 1 major container watch 
  • 1 normal rack for keeping bottles, jam, sauce, and so on 
  • 2 little racks for putting away cheddar, spread, yogurt, and so on. 

No of racks in freezer 

  • 1 rack 
  • 2 normal racks 
  • The racks are made of extreme safety glass. They can hold weight up to 150 kg. 


It has an in-fabricated stabilizer. It can deal with voltage vacillations from 100-300 volts. 

Savvy Features 

  • Inverter Technology– Digital Inverter Technology diminishes vitality wastage. It makes cooling modifications as indicated by the nourishment burden and temperature change. 
  • Computerized show and Control– an advanced showcase permits you to change the cooling settings. Browse 5 distinct modes. 
  • Force Cool Technology– power cool innovation rapidly chills nourishment and beverages (31% quicker than expected). 
  • All-round Cooling– numerous air vents cool the cooler from corner to corner. This keeps up a steady temperature in each rack. 
  • Shrewd Connect Inverter– the cooler can take a shot at inverter in power cuts. 
  • Entryway Alarm– an entryway caution alarms you when it isn’t shut appropriately or when you left it open for over 2 minutes. 

Guarantee and Services 

You will get a 1-year guarantee on the item. 10 years of guarantee on the Inverter Compressor engine. Samsung has more than 300 help communities across India. 


  • Inverter Compressor engine spares running expense 
  • Computerized Display with 5 methods of temperature settings 
  • Engaging looks with break handle 
  • Vitality Efficient-4 Star BEE appraisals 
  • Keen Connect Inverter 
  • Simple slide racks 


  • No entryway lock 
  • Little vegetable box

3. Haier 320Litre Double Door Refrigerator

best double door refrigerator


Haier makes the world’s best mid-spending refrigerators. This specific model from Haier has probably the best cooling highlights. It stands apart from different models with a one of a kind base refrigerator. We have set it on three since it’s anything but an Inverter Technology refrigerator. 

Refrigerator Capacity: It accompanies a tremendous 320 liters of limit. It works best for a group of 4-6 individuals. 

Refrigerator Type: It’s a sans frost refrigerator 

Yearly Power Consumption: Very High. It is around 400 units for every year. 

BEE Ratings-3 stars. It is less vitality proficient than L.G and Samsung however it is genuinely acceptable. 

No of Doors-Double entryway refrigerator with a base refrigerator. 

No of racks in Refrigerator

  • 3 racks 
  • Vegetable box 
  • 2 side racks 
  • 1 major jug plate 
  • 1 standard size plate 
  • 1 enormous box to store little nourishment things 

No of racks in Freezer 

  • Ice producer box 
  • 1 little above to store meat and fish 
  • 1 major rack beneath to keep dessert, curd, other chilled things 
  • The racks are made of toughened glass. 


It has an in-assembled stabilizer. It shields the blower from voltage vacillations from 135 to 300 Volts. Be that as it may, if the voltage tumbles down underneath 135 you may think about purchasing a different stabilizer. 

Keen Features 

As referenced before it has probably the best cooling and easy to use highlights. 

  • Base Freezer with the refrigerator mounted at the base it diminishes twisting up to 90%. This is an incredible answer for each individual with feeble bones and knees. 
  • 1-hour Icing Technology-it can cut down the refrigerator temperature – 5 degrees. Makes ice and freezes frozen yogurts/treats in only 60 minutes. 
  • 360 Degree Cooling it sends cold air over the refrigerator which bobs back every which way. 
  • Force Cut Backup the cool cushion inside the refrigerator spares the chillness for 10 hours if there should be an occurrence of a force cut. 
  • 2-times Bigger Vegetable Box bruises twofold measure of vegetables and natural products 
  • Enormous Freezer Compartment 86 liters limit refrigerator can store feebly meat, fish, a lot of frozen yogurts, sweets, and so forth. 

Guarantee and Services 

You have a 1-year guarantee on the item and 10 years on the blower. Dislike L.G and Samsung Haier still offers great after-deals administration to their clients. 


  • 320 liters large limit at a moderate cost 
  • Snappy ice-production innovation 
  • Base Freezer lessens twisting 
  • Keeps nourishment crisp for 10 hours during a force cut 
  • multiple times greater vegetable box 
  • Unique and stylish design 


  • High force utilization 
  • Scarcely any assistance communities in provincial zones

4. Whirlpool 265Litre Double-Door Refrigerator

best double door refrigerator


Whirlpool is generally acclaimed for making clothes washers. In any case, they make similarly great refrigerators. This Whirlpool refrigerator is one of most eye-appealing refrigerators with an exquisite dark completion. It comes fourth on the rundown since it is costly than its comparable estimated models. 

Refrigerator Capacity: with 265 liters of limit it is best for a family with 4-5 individuals. 

Refrigerator Type: It’s a without frost and convertible refrigerator. This implies you can transform the refrigerator into a refrigerator on times when you come up short on space. 

Yearly Power Consumption: Low. It devours just 190 units in a single year. This is the least on the rundown. In this way it turns into the most vitality proficient refrigerator on the rundown. 

BEE Rating: 4-star evaluated refrigerator 

No of Doors: Double entryway refrigerator with a different refrigerator 

No of racks in refrigerator 

  • 3 racks 
  • Vegetable plate 
  • Simple access plate 
  • 2 container rack (huge and little) 
  • 1 egg plate 
  • 1 ordinary rack for putting away eggs, cheddar, spread, and so on 

No of racks in refrigerator 

  • Ice making box 
  • Frozen yogurt zone 
  • 2 racks to store solidified nourishment things 


The in-built stabilizer can deal with voltage variances from 160 volts to up to 300 volts. In any case, if variances are quick it’s smarter to utilize a different stabilizer. 

Shrewd Features 

  • Intelligence Inverter Technology: modifies the engine leaks relying upon the heap, climate change, and utilization design. This is the reason it is so productive at sparing vitality. 
  • Advanced Control: allows you to alter and change inward temperature settings. You can browse 5 distinct methods of temperature control. 
  • Auto-associate with Home Inverter: in the event of a force disappointment the gadget will naturally interface itself to the home inverter. 
  • Zeolite Technology: forestalls the over-aging of products of the soil. It can keep them crisp for as long as 15 days. 
  • Micro-block Technology: squares 99% of microbial development keeps nourishments solid and new. 
  • Crisp Flow Air tower: deliberately set air vents let out cool air in each rack. 

Guarantee and Service 

1-year guarantee on the item and 10 years on the engine. 


  • Convertible refrigerator 
  • Advanced showcase and control 
  • Devours just 190 units for every year 
  • Zeolite innovation forestalls the over-maturing of organic products 
  • Most attractive refrigerator 


  • It is costly than others 
  • Customary yellow bulb inside the ice chest


Single door refrigerators are useful for small families however these days individuals are progressively disposed towards double door refrigerators. These are mostly a result of two reasons firstly, since they look modern and stylish and secondly they have bigger limits. Our recommendation is to go for the best double door refrigerator on the off chance that you don’t have spending issues. 

Another thing is with the higher number of BEE star appraisals. They cost higher at first however toward the finish of a year, you will be sparing significantly more than what you have spent. 

Picking your refrigerator to a great extent relies upon your spending limit and inclinations. In any case, on the off chance that you need the best double door refrigerator go with L.G 260Litre Double Door Refrigerator rest depends on your choice!!

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