Asus VivoBook X412: A Budget Laptop Launched By Asus

Asus is a company known for making great laptops for everyday uses as well as for gaming. Asus is currently selling Chromebooks and Windows laptops under the various sub-brands including VivoBook, ZenBook, Republic Of Gamers (ROG), TUF, ASUSPRO Series, ProArt Series and Laptop Series. All these series are great in their fields except the EeeBook Series, K Series, X Series, E Series, Q Series, B Series, V Series, P Series, F Series and A Series which are now discontinued in manufacture.

The latest laptop in the VivoBook Series – VivoBook X412.


We will now review this product based on

  • Display
  • Performance
  • Built/Design
  • Battery Life
  • Storage Capacity
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  1. Display- The bigger screen isn’t necessarily better, the display of this Vivobook is not so good as the pixels on the screen gets slightly distorted when you try to adjust the screen for better viewing, the automatic brightness also ruins the fun in viewing because getting an automated brightness once the colour is distorted wouldn’t give fun. For example, if you are watching a movie and you decide to tilt the screen, the pixels on the screen will also get affected and it might ruin the fun. The Anti-Glare system is good but not that good since the results of using the product under sunlight it doesn’t compensate for the low brightness that the product has.
  2. Performance- The product comes with an Integrated Intel 8265u processor with Nvidia MX230. For very basic uses this product just works fine but if you are a core gamer or require any work in editing that requires high graphic rendering then let me tell you this product isn’t made for you, this product isn’t made for graphic intensive work.
  3. Camera- The camera is the best thing this laptop has as the camera is Full HD and can capture clearer and crisper images with ease. Although one may barely use the Webcam but still it’s good enough for those who use Skype or use facecam on a regular basis.
  4. Battery Life- The battery life of this laptop is quite poor only lasting for 3-4 hours on general uses and 2-3 hours on doing heavy-duty works like watching videos on full HD etc
  5. Storage Capacity- The laptop comes with 512 GB of SSD which can be expanded to 1 TB HDD if the user requires to change.
  6. Speakers-  The in-built Speakers are so weak that you will have to use an external speaker to clearly listen to the audio
  7. Built and Design- The device is lightweight and can be easily carried from place to place. The keyboard also feels great when typing. It also has a fingerprint scanner on the trackpad that helps in unlocking the device with ease but the location of that scanner is very inappropriate because it is situated on the trackpad, therefore, the display can get locked if the user accidentally touches the fingerprint scanner while using a trackpad. This also makes the trackpad smaller and hence making it difficult to use it.


The product is good for day to day use and has got a good camera with good storage capacity but on the other hand, its performance, speakers, battery are all poor. Choose this product if you want a good camera and storage but look away from it if you are expecting good battery/Speakers/performance.

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