Artificial Intelligence Systems That Are Changing The Lifestyle of Humans.

Artificial Intelligence is computer software which enables the Computer to mimic the actions of the users and also getting itself familiarising with the human behaviour for giving the humans ease of comfort regarding the task the computer is doing. There are plenty of movies (Terminator, Iron Man) that show the advanced form of Artificial Intelligence although what is shown in movies is fictional and not real but the basic thing remains the same which is Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s talk about some of the well-known Artificial Intelligence that are used in current generation->

  • Google Cloud Platform- Google is a well-known company for its Search-Engine and the Cloud Platform from Google helps in knowing its consumers as they search on Google regarding anything. If the searched product is again searched by any other human then Google is learning about human preferences that what a human likes to do. Google’s AI adapts and improves itself. Many companies use this technology of Google to get fame quickly without hassle.


  • Azure Machine Learning Studio- By the use of Azure, people and companies of all sizes can profit through the power of ML. It is additionally feasible for Information Technologies experts who want to enter the universe of Machine Learning and that quickly includes value. Azure Machine Learning Studio gives the platform to progress from pre-processing data through the determination of the best model to the deployed of that model to the applications that consume it. As Artificial Information Studio offers a no-coding-required condition for the structure of Machine Learning experiments that when confirmed as effective it can be associated with any production applications through web service Application Programming Interface.


  • TensorFlow- TensorFlow is an end-to-end open-source platform for Artificial Intelligence since it has a far-reaching, adaptable environment of tools, libraries, and community resources which gives scientists a chance to push the cutting edge in Machine Learning and the engineers effectively build and deploy the Machine Learning empowered applications. The TensorFlow was initially created by engineers and developers for taking a shot at the Google Brain group inside Google’s Machine Intelligence Research association for the reasons for conducting Machine Learning and with the help of deep neural networks research. The framework is good enough to be applicable in a wide variety of different areas,  too.


  • IBM Watson- IBM Watson Studio is leading data science and Machine Learning platform and it started to developed starting from the ground for an Artificial Intelligence empowered business. It helps companies by making the procedure of experimentation to deployment, speed data exploration and model training and deployment, and scale data science activities over the lifecycle easy. It is appropriate for a hybrid multi-cloud environment Which demands high mission-critical performance, security and administration in private clouds, public clouds, on-premise and on the desktop, including IBM Cloud Private for Data etc.


  • Cortana/Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant- Unlike the other machine learning software, this three software are Virtual Assistants which doesn’t follow what the user is searching but rather focus on the user’s interface. They take commands from the user and give the appropriate results. This three software are action-oriented instead of search-oriented (Machine Learning are basically Search Oriented)

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